Friday, February 1, 2013

Shrimp and Grits 5K

Donna and I completed our first 5K of 2013 on 19 January 2013. The race was the Shrimp and Grits 5K which was part of the Charleston Marathon race weekend. In addition to the 5K there was also a 1/2 and full marathon. We picked this race as our first one because the race is walker friendly and we are currently in the walking stage. We also picked this race because it was close to home :).

Here's a picture of us prior to the start of the race. We were bundled up pretty good because it was cold!

Here we are sporting our bling from the race.

This is a GPS track log of the course we completed. It was a nice flat course.

Catch Up Post

Quick catch up post. A lot has been going on since my last post way back in September. For starters I injured my leg and had to stop my couch to 5K training. I'm better now but still have not running any. Instead I have been walking and doing a little yoga. My wife has joined me in the 13 in 2013 adventure and we've already completed our first 5K which I'm going to write up next.